Lerner 1990, revised 1993

ISBN 0822515725

112 pp. hardcover

Grades 6-10

A clear, detailed, lavishly illustrated explanation of the greenhouse effect, global warming, and the potential impact an enhanced greenhouse atmosphere has for changing Earth’s climate. The vast majority of the predictions that climate scientists and modelers made in the early 1990s, and which are presented in this book, have proven to be accurate.

Reviews & Awards

Society of School Librarians International 1990 Science Book Award,Most Outstanding Book in Secondary Science

New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age, 1991

School Library Journal, starred review

“A book that is especially noteworthy for its calm, balanced approach to a timely topic. It avoids sensational disaster scenarios and clearly presents the basic process of atmospheric change…. Johnson’s book sets a very high standard for incisive, informative coverage of a topic of high current interest.”

Naturalist Review

“The author integrates physics, chemistry, and the history of science ad technology relating to the study of the atmoshpere, as well as the politics of dealing with a resource that is not owned by anyone but…affects every single solitary one of us.”

Children's Science Book Review Committee

“This excellent book on global warming should be in every school library. It is a clearly written and thoroughly research study of the serious environmental problems that we all face….This book is an example of the very best work that can be done in the production of excellent science books for children…”

Taxon, the Journal of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy

“This exceptionally well illustrated, thorough, and objective treatment of an important topic not only explains the problem but also tells what one might do to mollify it…. A recent review in a librarian publication rated this work as easily the best of six books on the subject (M. Drabkin, BayViews 2:29).”

The Horn Book Guide

“…substantial explanations organized in double-columned chapters with many diagrams and photos….Johnson covers a wide array of consequences of warming and …techniques used to gather the impressive amount of information being acquired about the atmosphere; she also raises questions throughout the text to further engage the reader.”

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