Lerner 1993

ISBN 0822515741

112 pp. hardcover

Grades 4-8

Early each spring in Antarctica, when the sun crests the horizon after the long dark winter, ozone begins to disappear in the atmosphere high above the continent. Within a few weeks, so much ozone disappears that a “hole” forms in the ozone layer there. Learn why and how the ozone hole develops and its consequences not just for life at the bottom of the world, but for the entire planet.

Reviews & Awards

National Science Teachers Association/Children’s Book Council

Outstanding Science Trade Book For Children

The Boston Globe

“One of the best explanations of the ozone hole, how it was created, why it is affecting us, and what can be done about correcting the situation.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Impressive…invitingly colorful and well designed.”

ALA Booklist

“Johnson’s explanations of this complex and relevant topic are well supported and understandable.”

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