A Bit About Me

Award-winning Author

Rebecca L. Johnson

I’ve been fortunate to work with scientists in many different locations and environments, from tropical oceans to Antarctica’s frozen interior, from active volcanic peaks to the deep ocean floor. Many of my books have grown out of these incredible experiences.

People often ask me if there was a book that influenced my decision to become a writer. Yes: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Written by English author Lewis Carroll in 1865, it’s a unique and timeless novel I think everyoneyoung or not so youngshould read.

As a little girl, I wanted to have adventures like Alice that would bring me face to face with fascinating creatures in strange new worlds. In a very real way, I got my wish.

Science was the key that opened my doorway to adventure, and to writing. Soon after getting my Masters degree in biology, I began writing nonfiction for young people. I looked for opportunities to interact with scientists researching subjects that interested me, and over the years I was invited to join a number of scientific expeditions, both on land and at sea. I especially like to write about new discoveries in science, to take my readers into strange new worlds where they come face to face with all sorts of fascinating creatures—just like Alice.

In parallel with writing science-focused nonfiction for the school, library, and trade markets, I have also written dozens of science content-based books aligned with grade school and middle school curricula, primarily for National Geographic, Sally Ride Science, Millmark Education (now Summit K12), and Core Knowledge.


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