Millbrook Press 2008

ISBN 9780822571407

48 pp. hardcover

Grades 3-6

Each title in the five-book Microquests series explores a different type of cell or cell characteristic, and blends colorful, ultra-high-magnification images with kid-friendly cartoons. 

Reviews & Awards

Science Books and Films Best Books

National Science Teacher Association Recommended

The Horn Book Guide

“At a steady pace, Johnson builds one scientific concept at a time using authentic terminology and connecting new information to familiar things (chromosomes are like ‘scrunched-up. . . clumps’). Full-color microscope images, drawings, and cartoons appear in a clean, uncluttered format, combining solid science with humor, which should appeal to the intended audience.”

School Library Journal 

“Students who pick up the book [Mighty Animal Cells] will find a readable introduction to a sometimes-dry topic, along with some amazing facts.”

NSTA Recommended 

“The text in this book about genetics [Amazing DNA] is enriched by more than a dozen crystal-clear microscopic photos. From a single strand of DNA splitting in two to RNA being transcribed from DNA, these images provide contrast with cartoons of a personable double helix introducing the secrets of life and genetic mutations wearing sunglasses and smiles….But don’t be fooled; the science is challenging, accurate, and current.”

“The text in this volume on plants [Powerful Plant Cells] is enriched by 20 crystal-clear microscopic photos of structures like cell walls, the endoplasmic reticulum, and the Golgi complex; these photos accompany cartoons of a plant engaged in photosynthesis and Robert Hooke naming cells….But the best news of all is that kids might actually learn about plants and their cells because they will want to read this book!”

Science Books & Films

“The book contains a wealth of accurate information presented clearly in a logical arrangement. Clever cartoon diagrams presented throughout the volume are fun and add to the understanding of the concepts illustrated.”

Library Media Connection

“This series, which explains the complex cell, tissue, and organ systems of living things, uses simple structured sentence style, yet includes all the scientific terms necessary to be valuable for research.”

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