Rebecca L. Johnson


I write award-winning science-focused nonfiction primarily for children and young adults. Among my favorite subjects are extreme environments and animals with intriguing adaptations. In researching my books, I’ve been fortunate to work in the field with scientists all over the world. 

New Edition

Biomes of North America, New Edition


Lerner 2021 


My award-winning Biomes of North America series is out in a revised edition, updated with stunning new photographs of these land biomes and their unique plant and animal inhabitants.

More Reader Favorites

“Disguises are common in nature, but here, Johnson puts the spotlight on nine creatures who take mimicry or camouflage to a whole different level…From an assassin bug’s “Coat of Many Corpses” on, a truly astonishing look at some of nature’s most ingenious predatory or survival strategies.”

—starred review, Kirkus Reviews

“This strikingly illustrated book takes its readers on a series of research voyages exploring the ocean from its shallow edges to unfathomable depths during the recently completed ten-year International Census of Marine Life… Rich, revealing and rewarding.” 

—starred review, Kirkus Reviews

“The writing is superb… Informative even as it makes you want to go hide in a clean, sanitized hole somewhere, Johnson has created a clever little book that is bound to keep adult and child readers who find it enthralled… Awesome.”

 —Elizabeth Bird, starred review, School Library Journal

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