Lerner 1995

ISBN 0822528525

128 pp. hardcover

Grades 6-10

Take a remarkable journey across the world’s most inhospitable continent, meeting intrepid researchers who brave the elements and isolation to study penguins, seals, glaciers, geology, ice cores, and the hole in the ozone layer that appears above Antarctica every year. Based on my firsthand experiences working with scientists on “the Ice.”

Reviews & Awards

Scientific American Young Readers Book Award

National Science Teachers Association/Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children

The Children’s Literature Choice List 

School Library Journal

“A marvelously personal look at scientific investigation and survival in one of the world’s harshest ecosystems….the volume is richly rewarding and…a fascinating profile of ongoing scientific research conducted by real, live, working scientists against the backdrops of a frozen land.”

Scientific American

“…the author’s chapters report in lively words and her own photographs what she saw and did…. The challenge of the environment and its superbly adapted wildlife inform this knowing story…”

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