Lerner 2007

ISBN 9780822565635

48 pp. hardcover

Grades 4-8

A fly lands on a leaf covered with what looks like drops of sweet, shining nectar. But it’s a trick. When the fly tries to leave, it finds itself stuck fast in one of Nature’s most clever traps–one that quickly curls around its catch and begins to devour it. Sundews, Venus fly traps, and pitcher plants are just a few of the carnivorous plants found around the world that need to eat to survive. Smaller species dine on flying and crawling insects, while larger varieties catch and eat animals as large as rodents and birds.

Reviews & Awards

Chicago Botanic Garden

“Carnivorous plants, those green plants that catch animals, hold a fascination for young and old. These predators survive by getting their nutrients from animal life, usually insects….Johnson explains the life and death processes in this educational text, suitable for children and young adult readers. Clear photographs depict the different species that set traps to catch food. Recognizing that these intriguing plants are endangered in the wild, Johnson encourages good conservation practices by those who are interested in growing them…”

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