Twenty-First Century Books 2009

ISBN 9780822567929

112 pp. hardcover

Grades 6-10

Climate change is hot news—and the news isn’t good. After nearly two hundred years of sleuthing, scientists have reached a sobering conclusion: Earth is heating up, and humans are largely to blame. By following a trail of evidence that winds through melting glaciers and polar ice caps, ancient soil and fossil beds, shifting ocean currents and temperatures, and unusual weather patterns, scientists have painted a clear picture as to how changes to Earth’s atmosphere are upsetting the planet’s delicate heat balance and altering weather and climate worldwide. It’s a troubling picture, but one that is not without hope.

Reviews & Awards

Society of School Librarians International Honor Book 2009

National Science Teachers Association Recommended

School Library Journal

“Beginning with an in-depth look at the history of the scientific analysis of climate data and continuing with an understandable explanation of the nature and consequences of global warming, this sobering title is a solid research tool. Using clear charts, graphs, full-color photographs, and maps, the author presents both the grim outlook if no action is taken as well as the possibility of slowing the catastrophic consequences through international cooperative policies…”


“This informative overview of a timely topic presents contemporary scientific research into the causes of climate change. Johnson begins with historical background, explaining that climate change investigations began in the nineteenth century with the study of glaciers. Among the scientific advancements covered are the discovery of the greenhouse effect in the late nineteenth century and the development of carbon-14 dating in the 1950s. Johnson discusses contemporary evidence of dramatic climate change and its global repercussions, and she lays out complex scientific data and theories in an engaging, straightforward narrative that will not overwhelm readers. Complementing the text are numerous color diagrams, graphs, maps, and photographs. The book, part of the Discovery! series, is particularly effective in demonstrating the interconnectedness of life on Earth and the potentially catastrophic consequences climate change will bring if its causes are not immediately addressed.”

NSTA Recommended

“In a mere five chapters, this book conveys all the basic information one needs to begin understanding climate change. . . for a middle or high school student beginning to seriously study the causes and effects of the topic, this is an excellent beginning text that could lead one to further more sophisticated investigation.”

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