Core Knowledge Language Arts 2014

ISBN 9781942010050

130 pp. softcover

Grade 4

An overview of key geologic processes, including plate tectonics, volcanism, and erosion, that have shaped Earth’s surface and continue to be a force for change in our world. This Geology Reader is written for grade 4 learners in the Core Knowledge Language Arts program. Information and scientific principles are coupled with high-interest features ranging from Hawaiian volcano myths to deep-sea research on hydrothermal vents and the unique life forms these ecosystems support.




Core Knowledge Language Arts 2014

ISBN 9781942010166

90 pp. softcover

Grade 5


A look at the impact of the Reformation on Western Europe, with a focus on the invention of the printing press and the power of the printed word, along with the scientific contributions of Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler that led to a new understanding of Earth in relation to the sun, the other planets in our solar system, and the universe. 



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