Great Ideas of Science

Twenty-First Century Books’ “Great Ideas of Science” series focuses on pivotal scientific theories that have shaped key areas of biological and physical science. I wrote three books in this highly regarded series. Grade 8-12, 2006.

Plate Tectonics   Genetics   Atomic Struct.



National Science Teachers Association/Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12


The Horn Book Guide  Johnson’s coverage of the fundamental theory of the geological sciences provides a thorough and comprehensible explanation of this idea…Readers will appreciate the detailed narrative, helpful diagrams, photographs, and historical illustrations.


VOYA  An excellent new series focuses on major theories in science, ideas that have withstood rigorous testing over a number of years. Generating the suspense of a well-written mystery, Plate Tectonics will help students of geology understand why the physical world is as it is. Splendidly written, this slim book will thoroughly engage any student (or teacher) who is remotely interested in the topic.


School Library Journal  The book [Genetics] skillfully explains the discovery of DNA and the emergence of modern biotechnology, including how DNA is replicated, how genes are expressed and translated as cell proteins, and how the human genome is being mapped.


Science Books and Films  For its teen-years target audience, this book is an accessible introduction to atomic structure.


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