Body Works

Lerner Publication’s 2012 “How Does Your Body Work?” series surveys six major body systems in the human body. I wrote two of the titles in this series, recognized by the Junior Library Guild as an outstanding nonfiction science series for grade 3-5. Also available in Spanish editions.


Your Musc. System  Your Dig. System  jlgselection-150x150



Junior Library Guild Selection (series)



National Science Teachers Association   Asking questions and discovering how and why things work are often the starting points of any scientific inquiry. For children, many initial questions are often centered on the human body. Why do we eat? What organs help me breath? Why don’t I have to tell my heart to beat, yet I tell my feet to move? This Lerner series presents information for intermediate readers to answer these questions and many others about systems of the body….an interactive text that will delight!  Read full review


School Library Journal, Series Made Simple  This series will be useful in any collection needing updated texts about the human body….These titles will appeal to browsers, and the strong back matter makes them useful for reports as well.  Read full review


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