Biome Journeys

Rivers, lakes, estuaries, wetlands, and the ocean — unique watery habitats that support unique populations of living things. This five-book series explores each of these water biomes in detail, taking readers on an intimate journey above and below the water’s surface. Pencil sketch illustrations, reminiscent of pages torn from a field notebook, complement lush photographs. Carolrhoda Books, 2004. Grades 3-6

Journey River   Journey Lake   Journey Estuary   Journey WetlandJourney Ocean



Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year

Society of School Librarians International Book Award



Science Books and Films  …a series that will truly take you to each location. The excellent text, accompanied by outstanding photographs  will make you actually feel as though you are there. The descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells, and even textures will astound the reader….Students will be checking out these easy-to-read books filled with fascinating facts on a regular basis! Good as a reference and fun to browse, this series is a must for every library and a great addition to any life science classroom.


Booklist   With relaxed, clear prose and beautiful color illustrations on every page, these titles…bring close the general facts of the water habitats as well as the details of the individual plants, birds, animals, and insects that make their homes there. The action will draw readers, and so will the dramatic particulars of small things. The connections make a vivid environmental story of a community of living things.


The Horn Book Guide  Readers tour each biome, learning about its vegetation and animal population. In a clear design, the accessible text and many color photographs follow an animal (blue heron, beaver, sea turtle, otter, alligator) in its habitat. Descriptions of the climate and information about other inhabitants are woven into the narrative – an effective tool to demonstrate the interactions among living things.


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